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DEPOSIT: A non-refundable deposit of 30% of the estimated total cost of a planned trip is the minimum payment of 30 days prior to the trip to allow us time to begin our planning for you.Thank you so much.


BALANCE DUE: We request that the balance of the tour costs be paid-in-full of the first day after  your arrival.Thank you so much.


WIRE TRANSFER: Details for wire-transfers will be sent upon request.


Vietnam Travel Tourist Company Limited reserves the right to charge the customer for any transfer fees which may be incurred during the transaction due to different bank policies or intermediate bank fees.


All tour prices quoted are stated in United States Dollars ($) and based on current transportation prices (including the cost of fuel), taxes and fees chargeable at airports and ports, accommodation costs, sightseeing fees with current exchange rates appropriate at the time of publication. 


It is our policy to provide the maximum cost-benefit to our clientele. However, in the event that unforeseen circumstances cause any of the pricing parameters to change significantly from the pricing on our web-site, we reserve the right to adjust the costs and pass them on to the customer accordingly.