Da Lat city is the centre of Lam Dong Province, located on the highest part of the West Highlands of central Vietnam (1500 m altitude). 70% of its area is covered by mountains and forests.

Da Lat was founded a century ago (1893), and has become an attractive site for foreign and domestic visitors.

     Climatologists call Da Lat "the city of eternal spring" thanks to its average temperature that never falls under 100 C in winter and never exceeds 200 C in summer. Because of this favorable climate, Da Lat is like a flower garden all year round.

     From Ho Chi Minh City, driving along national highway 20 for 300 km will lead you to Da Lat. The road gradually rises and when it reaches Da Lat at Prenn Falls, visitors can see before them a vast pine forest. Going to the centre of Da Lat, tourists will discover a museum, plenty of water falls, beautiful lakes, flower valleys, and herb hills.

     Taking National route 11 from Phan Rang province to go up Dinh River and passing the historical site of the ancient Cham Kingdom will take one to Ngoan Muc Pass, where one can admire imposing natural landscapes.

     Da Lat is well known for its lakes, water falls, and pine forests. The lakes and other natural sites were poetically named as they are closely related to memories.
The population is a much diversified community integrating three cultural regions of the North, Center and the South of the country. Da Lat inhabitants are known to be very hospitable.

     The beauty of Da Lat is highly praised. A wide array of flowers is grown in this area: exceptional orchids, roses, rhododendrons, Xac Phao flowers, camellias, mimosas, cherry plums, white narcissus and many more.

     The first hotel was built in 1907. It was a wooden house named hotel Du Lac (Lake Hotel). Today, travelers can see Dalat's poetic architecture which is both splendid and discreet...